TOURING WITH TEENS (or 10 -20 year olds)

The Concept

WHO YOU ARE: Chances are your kids have already been oversees at least once in their lives. You’ve already given them cool experiences, problem is that if those experiences happened when they were younger than 10 the chances of them remembering them in their adult years are slim. It therefore takes some strategic planning to ensure that you provide the memories that will remain with your family for a lifetime. The window that your kids are prepared to travel with you and they will remember and cherish those memories is actually quite small.

WHO WE ARE: Simply put we are travel enthusiasts. We have chosen to live and breathe the travel industry as we have all been bitten by the wanderlust bug. We aim to see as many places as we can and also have our clients see as much of the world as possible. We are also parents. Between our team we have 21 kids who have collectively seen a large chunk of the globe. We therefore know first-hand the value of providing holidays to families with teens that will not only provide a great time but leave them (and you) with lasting, and often educational, memories.

OUR TRAVELLING WITH TEENS BUCKET LIST: We are currently putting together a list of the must-see destinations in the world. The ones with the WOW factor that will remain with you forever. These itineraries are being meticulously planned with not only the itinerary and lodgings in mind but also the activities that will suit everyone in the family and also the memorable experiences that should remain with you.


  • Africa (for the wildlife warrior)
  • Canada & Alaska (for the outdoorsy kid)
  • China (for the intrepid child)
  • Egypt (for the history buff)
  • Europe in a Nutshell (for the cosmopolitan kid)
  • Florida & The Caribbean (for the Theme Park enthusiasts)
  • Japan (for the techno kid)
  • Peru (for the adventurer)
  • The Big USA Road Trip (the all rounder)
  • The European White Christmas (for every kid)

Learn More

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