School Groups


About Us

Our agency has many years experience putting together school group tours. Infact for several years we built programs for a dedicated school group touring company. 

We believe our main point of difference is our dedication to providing students a positive and worthwhile experience. Parents invest a lot into sending their children abroad so it is our responsibility to ensure they learn relevant subject content, create long term memories, and perhaps even gain some life experience. 

As for the teachers, our goal is to make the process as simple as possible!


We have a number of tours on offer that aren’t regularly offered in other schools. A lot of schools promote History, Sports and Language tours (and we can certainly tailor make some great options for your school), but here’s a teaser of some of the other subjects we can cater to:

  • Religious Studies & History - Our tour will see students stepping out of the classroom and into the world of the Bible. They engage in unique learning experiences in ancient Israel, bringing the stories of the Old and New Testaments to life. 

  • Maths in India – our tour covers practical lessons in number theory, trigonometry, angles & distances, speed, distance, time and more. For example determine the cost of building the Jama Mosque today if given the cost of completion in 1656 was 1 million rupees and considering value of money doubled every 20 years.  

  • Drama in LA – our students train with Margie Haber. Margie has taught countless      actors including Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, and Vince Vaughn to name a few.

  • Food Technology in Vietnam – our tour includes a day on a rural farm, and learning to prepare Vietnamese dishes from famous chefs.

  • Business Studies in Cuba – See first-hand how this country rose from a communist      revolution to become a commercial and economic leader in the Caribbean. 

  • Art & Photography in Africa – Apart from the obvious magnificent wildlife, Cape Town has a vast display of street art, internationally renowned galleries and we have access to one of South Africa’s leading gallerists. 

  • Technology in Japan – Our program showcases robotic technology and engineering whilst demonstrating why Japan is a technological trailblazer.

  • STEM in South Korea – We take students to visit tech company and attend coding      classes whilst not missing out on the cultural highlights.

The possibilities are limitless. We are happy to discuss any ideas you might have. Our flexibility is another strength of ours, and that see us continuously delivering unique and special experiences for teachers and their students.