Discover a voyage of unparalleled luxury and exploration with PASPALEY PEARL by PONANT

 Marrying PASPALEY’s heritage of over 80 years in the Kimberley and Northern Australia with PONANT’s 35-year history of luxury expedition travel, PASPALEY PEARL emerges as the embodiment of comfort and adventure.

Featuring 15 staterooms and suites and hosting a maximum of 30 guests per voyage, PASPALEY PEARL emerges as the newest and only boutique expedition motor yacht in the Kimberley with private balconies.

Discover extraordinary destinations, as PONANT unites kindred spirits in the pursuit of adventure. Immerse yourself in the heart of unique cultures, histories, and biodiversity, guided by their team of expert expedition guides.

The Pearling Coast

Departs 14 & 21 May | 14 July 2025

The extensive experience gained in navigating the remote Kimberley coast ensures Paspaley’s library of unique destinations and ‘secret spots’ is unparalleled. Join a select group of like-minded travellers onboard our boutique expedition motor yacht, PASPALEY PEARL, and discover a Kimberley coast unravelled over 100 years of exploration.From the Dampier Peninsula in the South to the Bonaparte Archipelago in the North, the Southern Kimberley coast is one of the remotest locations in Australia. The Buccaneer Archipelago is regarded as one of the most spectacular island groups in Australia, offering a veritable playground of unique experiences.
8 Days | Broome to Broome | From AU$13,995pp

Sepik River Secrets

Departs 19 October | 8 & 28 November 2025

Introducing a captivating expedition along the Sepik River, and uncover the abundant biodiversity, history, and culture of this majestic waterway. Traverse dense rainforests, immerse yourself in the distinctive customs of the Sepik people, and explore the vibrant trading hub of Angoram.

Marvel at the breathtaking Blackwater Lakes and the secluded allure of Watam and Awar villages. Encounter the natural marvel of the Witu Islands’ caldera. PONANT’s expert team will guide you through this extraordinary journey, offering deep insights into the diverse life and traditions along the Sepik River.

11 Days | Madang to Madang | From AU$18,495pp

Bali to Dili Expedition

Departs 20 January & 05 March 2025
Embark on a journey through the captivating landscapes of East Indonesia, where every moment unfolds as a tribute to the nation’s diverse cultural tapestry. Experience extraordinary highlights as PONANT invites you join an expedition where each encounter is a celebration of Indonesia’s cultural treasures and natural wonders.

Snorkel and swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.
Discover the traditional Alorese culture.
Admire the intricate Ikat designs created by the Sikka women.
Witness the recreation of history through song and dance in the mountains of Flores.
Hike in search of the infamous Komodo Dragon.
Enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Komodo National Park.
Swim and snorkel in the clear tropical waters of the Seventeen Islands Marine Park.
Visit the remote Lemabata Island and discover their ancient traditions.
Witness the traditional Buffalo races of Sumbawa Besar.
Gain an insight into the history, culture, and incredible diversity of life from your expert expedition team.
11 Days | Bali to Dili | From AU$17,495pp

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