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South Africa

A Land of Unimaginable Beauty!

Did you know that more people in New York have internet connections than all of the people in Africa combined? It’s just one statistic that gives an insight into how different life is in Africa.

South Pacific

Happiness Is Closer Than You Think! 

 If you’ve ever had THAT picture of a tropical island as your desktop wallpaper (you know the one we’re talking about – a white sandy beach, azure blue waters and swaying palm trees) chances are it was taken on one of the many tiny islands scattered across the South Pacific.

New Zealand

Don’t Let It Fall Off Your Radar  

If you’ve never visited New Zealand then you’re missing out; it’s a little piece of paradise, just across the Tasman, where humans make up only 5% of the living population. You’re never more than 130km from the coast.

Europe’s Magical Islands

(The Other Ones) 

Our suggestion is that you take a closer look at Europe’s lesser-known islands – the ones that don’t make the “Top 10” lists – as there are plenty of them brimming with culture, history, interesting cuisine and plenty of opportunities for relaxation.

Welcome to the Jungle

Beyond The Amazon & Into South America 

Did you know that the Amazon rain forest alone would cover almost 70% of Australia? It’s little wonder then, that in this most bio-diverse region on the planet (home to around 40,000 species of plant, 1,400 species of mammal, and 1,500 species of bird) we’re still to this day discovering signs of indigenous tribes, completely cut off from the modern world.

The Happiest Place on Earth

What Makes Scandinavia So Special? 

 The European Summer is the perfect foil for the Australian Winter until you factor in two key ingredients; the people and the prices! Both numbers are on the high side, and that’s why some savvy travellers look a little further North for a solution; to Scandinavia & The Baltic.

Oh Canada!

Our Guide To The World’s Most Polite Nation 

Just about every traveller we’ve sent to Canada has returned with a smile on their face, and we can understand why; there are few countries on Earth that are so clean, so quiet and so civilized (Canadians are known to be polite, but the country itself has one of the best track records when it comes to civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education).

The Largest Desert On Earth

(No, That’s NOT The Sahara!) 

Your eyes do not deceive you, you’re looking at Antarctica; the largest desert on Earth. This ice covered continent, which contains 90% of the Earth’s fresh water, measures in at a total of 14 million square kilometers, and receives a paltry 166mm of rainfall on average per year. The Arctic (the second largest desert in the world) is almost identical on both counts.  

Go Go Galapagos!

Exploring the world’s greatest eco reserve 

There’s an interesting scientific theory that suggests that if all insect species vanished all life as we know it would be extinct within 50 years, but if all humans vanished, just about every other species on Earth would thrive. Incredibly, we don’t need to rely on our imagination to see what that scenario would look like; there’s a near ‘human free’ biosphere off the coast of Ecuador – it’s called The Galapagos Islands.  

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